Luminaries Testing Equipment

Our Testing Equipments

The production of high-quality LED products will inevitably be inseparable from various advanced testing instruments, such as high-temperature detectors, salt spray detectors, integrating spheres, and other equipment.

Salt-spraying Tester

The purpose of the salt spray test is to examine whether the metal surface of the LED lamp body is resistant to salt spray corrosion in an environment of high humidity and high temperature to make a correct judgment on the product quality.

Luster testing & anti-solvent testing

Spectral power distribution Pλ; chromaticity coordinates (x, y), (u, v); correlated color temperature Tc; color rendering index Ra; color tolerance SDCM; peak wavelength λp; spectral half-width Δλ; dominant wavelength λd; color purity; Luminous flux lm; Parameters such as luminous efficiency.

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